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Online Streaming

Top Benefits of Using Cloud Storage

The trend toward using cloud storage has dramatically increased as more people learn about the advantages of it. Cloud storage includes any service that enables you to store, access and edit your data over the Internet. There are a variety of benefits of cloud storage to users, such as data preservation, accessibility, unlimited capacity and financial savings....(more)

How to Choose the Best Media Player Software

Running a search for media player software gets you dozens of options, and many of them are available as free downloads for your computer. How do you decide between iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp, AVS or VLC? How does Amazon's Cloud Player fit in to the equation? Here are some questions to ask yourself before selecting a media player software....(more)

The Most Popular Free Sites for Streaming Music

Streaming music is one of the most popular ways to use the Internet. Music streaming is available in a variety of ways, allowing you to enjoy a number of genres and musical varieties for free....(more)

The Best Free Internet Radio Software Downloads

Tuning in to Internet radio is an easy way to expand your listening repertoire and enjoy classic hits for free. While there are many different Internet radio programs available, some of these tools are more effective than others. The following list includes the best of the best Internet radio software for your computer....(more)


Beethoven Eroica: A Composition From the Middle Period

Ludwig van Beethoven is a well-known classical musical composer born in the 18th century. This famous composer had his first concert at age eight, was born in Bonn, Germany on December 16, 1770. Taught first by his father, Johann, also a musician, he studied with some of the greats. Though he wrote many symphonies, the Beethoven Eroica is musically interpreted as a reference to Napoleon Bonaparte and his leadership. Beethoven initially lauded Bonaparte as a leader, only to be disappointed when he saw what that leadership became....(more)

Luciano Pavarotti Bio

Luciano Pavarotti was probably the most popular operatic tenor of modern times. His voice and tone were both exquisite and he had vocal control that was beyond compare. Pavarotti's voice was distinctive and his high C's were right on pitch with incredible power. Pavarotti was a stellar solo performer and distinguished opera star with many different tenor roles under his belt. He was a part of "The Three Tenors" and along with singing at various opera houses around the world, he delved into television performances, which only spread his fame....(more)

A Synopsis of the Opera "Carmen"

For those individuals who are planning to see Carmen, or those people who may be performing in it, having a synopsis of the opera can help you to learn a bit more about it, and why it has become so enduringly popular. It was composed by Georges Bizet, and is one of his most well-known pieces. Consider the components that make up this opera....(more)

File Sharing

Top Legal Music Download Sites

If you want to download music, you may be inclined to try various file sharing sites. However, many of these sites are limited in terms of the songs offered. Plus, the legality of some of the sites are in question. Choose a legal music download site from this list instead....(more)

Is the Music Service Rhapsody Legal?

If you have been searching on file sharing sites for your favorite songs, you may find it to be a difficult task. These sites do not always have every new song or music from more obscure bands. You may turn to a music service like Rhapsody to find these tracks. So, is rhapsody legal? Here is a closer look at the service....(more)