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What Are the Differences Between the Most Common Types of Trumpets?

Trumpets are among the oldest instruments still in use today. In modern times, you see many different types of trumpets in everything from orchestras to marching bands to rock bands. Here is a breakdown for you of the various types of trumpets available....(more)

Why Are Bagpipes Played At Funerals?

Hate them or love them, bagpipes are here to stay. Their music is considerably appropriate for funerals, but the reasons why are hazy. The whining sound and pitch does certainly lend itself to tragedy and departure. Yet, the history behind these bags of air is as confusing as the instruments themselves....(more)

The Different Types of Violins

Violins are one of the most popular and diverse types of instruments in the world, applied to many music genres, from classical to rock and roll. There are several violin types available, accommodating personal preferences and producing unique sounds. It takes years of experience before a player truly discovers the type of violin that is right for her or him, but these violin types are some of the most preferred....(more)

Understanding the Various Types of Violins and Their Sounds

Not all violins are created the same. They come in different sizes and use different tuning mechanisms to create a wide assortment of musical sounds. Some are even made from metal. Here's a representative sample of different types of violins....(more)


How Does Voting for the Grammy Awards Work?

If you are a musician, your goal is to receive a Grammy Award. This award is equivalent to the Emmy and Tony Awards. The Grammy Award ceremony started in 1959 by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Science. They wanted to honor individual and bands who have made substancial contributions to the music industry. One question that most people ask is how does someone get nominated and voted to win a Grammy? Below will give a brief description on how the nomination and voting process works for the Grammy Awards....(more)

How Grammy Voting Works

The Grammy awards are considered to be the recording industry's most important award. They Grammy's are awarded yearly by The Recording Academy to honor quality in the recording industry. This award is typically given to technical professionals and artists for technical or artistic achievement. It is not awarded for the amount of sales or positions in the music charts. The yearly Grammy awards ceremony brings together thousands of members of the recording industry from across the world. While the Grammy Awards is a red carpet affair, just like the Emmy's and the Oscars, most people do not know who nominates the artists, or how the winners are decided...(more)


Classic Children's Songs Adults Can Love Too

When it comes to music, one of the most overlooked genres is that of children's music. Many of the songs that have classically been popular with children are still in regular rotation in homes and schools today. Most people will have heard many children's songs from the past by the time they read adulthood. Read on and a list of some of the most famous children's songs will be enumerated and described....(more)

Beatles Songs for Kids

Arguably the most popular band of all time, The Beatles are beloved by people of all ages. Yet, there is no denying that some of the more drug-influenced lyrics are not the most kid friendly. If you want to expose your child to one of the greatest bands in history, but want them to maintain their innocence for as long as possible, here are several Beatles songs to which kids can listen....(more)

The Best Family Singalong Songs for Preschool Kids

Singing along with your child makes for good fun for both of you. Luckily, there are plenty of family songs for kids to sing along to. Some of the best include the ABC song and Five Little Monkeys, but here are some more to consider when singing along as a family....(more)